Thursday, January 25, 2018

Enough is Enough

Published on Jan 18, 2018
Since 1986, Congress has continuously encouraged more illegal immigration by passing 7 amnesties and allowing each person to start endless chains of migration through their extended families and in-laws. Will Congress continue to pass "Chain Migration Amnesties"?


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Another canary?

Chris Arnade has a PhD in physics and was a Wall Street trader. After a crisis of conscience following the 2008 financial crash, Chris abandoned his banking job to travel the country and chronicle the lives of America’s forgotten masses. But more compelling than the photos were the real conversations that Chris had with real people across the United States.

Wow – first public person who in my opinion really gets its – so much in this short interview – would love to have the time to talk with this person.

Sir, hats off to you – love the reference to ‘stuff’ which was great from George Carlin but your is to the guts of this country today – here’s a number 1975 national debt $295 Billion 2018 its $21 Trillion. Its all on our neighbors credit card.

I hope you exit the stage and as you said, let the pictures and stories of others be the focus.

Yes, at the brink and I see nothing that is showing signs of changing the direction of this country – individually we need to look in the mirror and be honest. Don’t have any hope of that happening.
Afraid, one of these we are going to wake up and America will be gone. We only have ourselves to blame. Those that have done the damage and those of us who didn’t stand up to them.