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..for a vote to “authorize or decline to authorize military engagement..

The enemy of the enemy of my enemy.

The Wall Street Journal
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The Wall Street Journal editorial page is attacking conservatives again. This time, the WSJ has labeled Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, as an “Iran helper” because Lee is involved in an effort to prevent the United States from interfering in an Islamic civil war without authorization from Congress.

Saudi Arabia, run by Sunni muslims, is currently fighting a Shiite muslim group called the Houthis, who seized the capital of Yemen in 2014. The Houthis are backed by Iran. Under the Obama and Trump administrations, the United States has been providing aid to the Saudi coalition without authorization from Congress.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Robert Mueller’s Beltway Cover-

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

American Race Wars as Seen by an Immigrant

Tyranny of Shaming

American Race Wars as Seen by an Immigrant

  • The bias of many Americans against American values has blinded them from seeing the reasons we immigrants went through hell to come to this country. Many Americans believe that those who criticize the culture from which we escaped must be "Islamophobic." They seem not to understand why we never again want to see what we have gone through so much to escape from.
  • Such attacks on the white majority in Americans are, bluntly, racist. It is a shame that so many Americans are unable or refuse to see what many immigrants see: that it was under this white majority that millions of oppressed people -- of all colors and creeds -- from around the world were rescued from tyranny, Sharia law, slavery, discrimination, Islamism and a miserable existence under corrupt, war-torn and famine-stricken nations. Instead, many seem to want to bring all that here.
  • We watched American freedoms as a dream: to be able to smile back at a man who opened the door for you without accusations of being a loose woman for smiling. To be able to wear what you want, go out when you want, work or get an education or not, and venture to hope one day to live under a system that respects monogamy and equal rights for women and minorities. Yes, it is the American culture where whites are the majority, no problem with that, that made our dreams come true. Despite its shortcomings no other country in the world offers its citizens the chance to be whatever they would like. We might never get back what we already have.
Every day we hear on television, "We need an honest discussion about race in this country".

Many well-meaning Americans, however, may have had enough of this endless, empty and dysfunctional discussion of race. To an outsider, Americans seem obsessed with race; and the discussion always deteriorates to shouting, insulting, blaming, finger-pointing, distorting reality and removing any hope of taking responsibility for oneself. The goal of the discussion always seems to be to try to claim that "I am holier than thou."

Asking the Customer on Health Policy

Asking the Customer on Health Policy

Two main issues have dominated recent health policy discussions. On the left is the desirability and feasibility of moving past the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to a full-blown single-payer system. On the right is the need for policies to stabilize the ACA’s individual marketplaces and, if so, what combinations of Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR, or government subsidies to cover the out-of-pocket costs of low-income insurance purchasers) monies and reinsurance funds would be sufficient. These are issues that the American Action Forum (AAF) health policy team has investigated extensively.
At times, however, it is useful to move past what policy experts conclude and ask the actual customer – American voters – their policy preferences. With that in mind, AAF collaborated with OnMessage to conduct a poll of voters regarding these issues. A memo summarizing the key findings is here and the full results here.

Sen Saunders is not a Democrat - why is he allowed to participate?

 Cranky old socialist Bernie Sanders fuels intra-party war

Bernie Sanders blasts Democratic establishment ahead of tour through Trump country.

Posted March 9, 2018 by Chris Pandolfo
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has inserted himself into Democratic Party primary politics, bashing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for dropping opposition research against a Sanders-style progressive in the Texas Democratic primaries.

Globalists & Nationalists: Who Owns the Future?

Globalists & Nationalists: Who Owns the Future?: By Patrick J. Buchanan

Robert Bartley, the late editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, was a free trade zealot who for decades championed a five-word amendment to the Constitution: "There shall be open borders."

Bartley accepted what the erasure of America's borders and an endless influx or foreign peoples and goods would mean for his country.

Said Bartley, "I think the nation-state is finished."

His vision and ideology had a long pedigree.

This free trade, open borders cult first flowered in 18th-century Britain...cont'd at Buchanan.Org...

" A smart man only believes half of what he hears; a wise man knows which half. "

Jeff Cooper

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Never saying no

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

....Many revolutions are begun by conservatives,” Christopher Hitchens once said, paraphrasing John Maynard Keynes, “because these are people who tried to make the existing system work and they know why it does not. Which is quite a profound insight. It used to be known in Marx’s terms as revolution from above.”

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Analysis: ISIS hasn't been defeated | FDD's Long War Journal

Analysis: ISIS hasn't been defeated | FDD's Long War Journal: On January 19, the Pentagon released its new National Defense Strategy, which prioritizes "inter-state strategic competition" from China and Russia over "terrorism." In many ways, the strategy makes sense. However, the threat from ISIS and al Qaeda has not been eliminated. The jihadists are fighting around the globe,

Sweden's Super Stealth Submarines Are So Lethal They 'Sank' a U.S. Aircraft Carrier

In 2005, USS Ronald Reagan, a newly constructed $6.2 billion dollar aircraft carrier, sank after being hit by multiple torpedoes.
Fortunately, this did not occur in actual combat, but was simulated as part of a war game pitting a carrier task force including numerous antisubmarine escorts against HSMS Gotland, a small Swedish diesel-powered submarine displacing 1,600 tons. Yet despite making multiple attacks runs on the Reagan, the Gotland was never detected.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Waiting Times For Canada's Single-Payer Health Care System Hit Record High

Sen Warren - "Who cares we have our taxpayer paid health care - citizens eat cake."

Note -  there are three Democratic candidates and one Socialist candidate for president in 2020 in this picture.

Our response must be total repeal of Mandate and get these people out of making our medical decisions for us.

Answers on VA's unauthorized waiting lists

First, every veteran injured on active duty, should be given a card to receive medical care for that injury and related affects of their choosing - no co-pay, no deductible, no out-of-pocket with services determined and rendered by the medical doctor/facilities paid by forwarding voucher to one place to make payment within 15 days. No review to determine if appropriate.

Second, complete repeal of Obamacare and get the government out of health care. We but in private market with doctors determining care and what prescriptions not insurance personnel. They just receive the bills for services rendered under policy and pay the provider. No veto and asking for justification.

Third, then place these building on the private market..

Tell Sen Saunders to start his own Socialist Party - he is not a Democrat.

Why doesn't Democratic Party tell Sen Saunders to start his own Socialist Party - he is not a Democrat.
Why are citizen who register as Democrats having to pay for and have a non-Democrat as a candidate? And to be associated with his views and policies.

I know one state democratic party by-laws require a vote of state central committee and its bi-annual state convention to support a non-Democrat.  Also, to send their State Chair to DC meetings of the DNC and then as board members of Our Revolution attend to business while being paid for by state democratic voters.  Yes, that's Nebraska Democratic Chair

Democratic Party doesn't exist in 2018 - it let the radical left and Sen Sanders just walk in and take it.

Partying Like It’s 2008

Lets identify a few more potential bubbles directly connected to government policies: student loans $1.4T(government controls most of loans and grants with no relieve thru bankruptcy code) - car loan $1.3T)lower credit standards (basically giving cars away to anyone) - agricultural land values (price of land is 2 or 3 times higher due to ethanol which pushed corn to $6-8 a bushel but last three years its in the $3-4 range due to American increase of natural gas and fracking)...
See More

Today, roughly 1 in 4 fathers don't live with their kids.

There is one party not mentioned - the wife & mother. Why do they get a pass and are the victims.

Why can they kill a child before birth without the fathers' knowledge or input and that's protected.
How about making both parents responsible.

Do we know the statistics of how many wife falsely accuse their ex's of abuse? Why not? I'm one and she had no consequences but it changed by life.

Groups in Mexico trying to reclaim parts of the US.

Could this be the objective all these years?

This is why we should make very clear our immigration policies of who we want and why. Not those coming in here now, legally or illegally.

Just look at the history of the Balkans. Its about ethnic groups and not assimilated Americans.

Is it Time to Be Honest About Ethanol?

Have always opposed ethanol in a fair market system - it only survives due to government. (yes, oppose any subsidies for oil companies as well).

If you apply life cycle analysis, ethanol is a non-starter on its own. This means not only outputs are factored but more importantly inputs that are used to produce ethanol.

Its one of the cost impacts of very high retail beef prices.

Its for corporate ag - ADM & Cargill, large corporate feedlots - at the expense of rural America.
Supposedly in the name of efficiency - for whom?

Marine Corps Eases Requirement

Service in the military is not an entitlement.
I can't be a Marine, should standards be lowered for me? No Way.
You want equality - that means you can't alway have what you want.

Is entire establishment of DC involved in overthrowing a duly elected President

This is deep and very wide involvement to overthrow a duly elected President. Its pointing to elected officials, staff - the entire establishment of DC

Then the Mike Flynn plea deal has been turned over to Judge Emmet Sullivan who replace the Judge who heard accepted the plea, then three days later left the case. Judge Sullivan past is one who digs for the truth. See if this is true in this case. Flynn's deal will likely be vacated cause him and his attorney were not informed that FBI said he did not lie.

 The big difference was Watergate was pursued by just one entity this is all over the board. The only option seems to me a Congressional Hearing as was Watergate.


Multiple offenders - reincarceration

Bravo - a public official standing up to the mob

 Speech, even hate speech, is (or was) protected in this country

As they say these days, this is a teachable moment.

Thank you Chancellor - a good day for freedom and liberty.
Chancellor Ronnie Green sent the following message to university students, faculty and staff in an email Feb. 8:


The quiet encroachment of the judicial over our elected bodies is disturbing.

Are any students getting out of school today to march for Alfie - nobody appointed judges as God - In England or America.
The quiet encroachment of the judicial over our elected bodies is disturbing.

Are we dealing with an oligarchy

The continuation of letting rich people fund and control the agenda.

While the left says it wants the influence of money out of politics look at the politics of the major donors who is funding their newspapers, blogs, institution, etc... the Republicans are in line for any taxpayer credit, subsidy, exemptions and protection...and Democrats have vanished from the public arena...
Believe we can elect citizens without a $B - disturbing how voters are turning to very rich people.
Guess the mantra from the 80's ' greed is good', is alive and well but now by citizens turning to these few $B for funding.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Enough is Enough

Published on Jan 18, 2018
Since 1986, Congress has continuously encouraged more illegal immigration by passing 7 amnesties and allowing each person to start endless chains of migration through their extended families and in-laws. Will Congress continue to pass "Chain Migration Amnesties"?


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Another canary?

Chris Arnade has a PhD in physics and was a Wall Street trader. After a crisis of conscience following the 2008 financial crash, Chris abandoned his banking job to travel the country and chronicle the lives of America’s forgotten masses. But more compelling than the photos were the real conversations that Chris had with real people across the United States.

Wow – first public person who in my opinion really gets its – so much in this short interview – would love to have the time to talk with this person.

Sir, hats off to you – love the reference to ‘stuff’ which was great from George Carlin but your is to the guts of this country today – here’s a number 1975 national debt $295 Billion 2018 its $21 Trillion. Its all on our neighbors credit card.

I hope you exit the stage and as you said, let the pictures and stories of others be the focus.

Yes, at the brink and I see nothing that is showing signs of changing the direction of this country – individually we need to look in the mirror and be honest. Don’t have any hope of that happening.
Afraid, one of these we are going to wake up and America will be gone. We only have ourselves to blame. Those that have done the damage and those of us who didn’t stand up to them.