Thursday, December 28, 2017

The average federal worker in 2016 earned?


The story behind sex change surgery you haven't heard

 Those supporting and driving the agenda to self identification ( I feel ) are lying, misrepresenting and using political power through the courts to intimidate institutions, business and individuals.

There is no discussion - its just power which they had with Obama along with now the new socialist/marxist Democratic Power, the media, hollywood and many of new tech companies.

Where is the opposition? A lot of silence is the fear of  having the power of government destroy your life because its their way or else.  Most of the churches have caved and Pope Francis is endangering the Catholic Church going in  same direction.

These are not social issue but foundational to any society and culture.  But when has the baby boomer generation given a hoot about anything except what they feel at any moment.

Are entertainment is video games, cartoons (kids & adults (The Simpsons) and supernational powers.  Not a lot of reality.

Is there a solution, plan, direction?

Yes, each citizen has to answer this question - do American citizens (legally here) want to govern themselves or continue to turn more over to a government that is not from, by and for the citizens?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Can we have an honest discussion?

Power and Sex: Why Our Culture Needs the Church’s Teachings on Sexuality

Posted by The Editors on Wednesday Dec 27th, 2017 at 9:23 AM

EDITORIAL: Let the Body of Christ be a beacon of chastity so that men and women can learn to trust each other again.  The recent testimony of female celebrities and ordinary women who have been preyed upon sexually by powerful men has demanded a reckoning across many sectors of American life....

Afraid the March has reversed course


The Long March Ahead

The Back Page

Full article......"Anyway, I expect the course of things is set for the near future: a comfortable combination of authoritarianism and libertarianism; a provident, intrusive, and imperious state allied to a corporate culture that encourages, gratifies, and endlessly amplifies an amoral appetite for the trivial and ephemeral; extraordinary governmental power wielded peremptorily in the name of endless warfare abroad and of ever more perfect civil order and social justice at home; culture replaced by advertising, shared custom by private impulse, community by television; public life reduced to the bare dialectic of state power and individual rights. There may be a path open that leads beyond that state of things—a path not primarily political, but rather cultural and spiritual—but it will not be easy to find, and it will be a very long march indeed"

Monday, December 25, 2017

No responsibilities no accountability no consequences thank you baby boomers

FBI’s ‘Insurance Policy’? 
by Andrew C. McCarthy December 23, 2017 4:00 AM @AndrewCMcCarthy

Clinton campaign propaganda appears to have triggered Obama administration spying on Trump’s campaign

Full article....  a great outline to the dangers presented to our Republic by the Department of Justice and the FBI but not isolated to just these two institutions.  Take any agency over the past 8 yrs and presently acting against a sitting president and picture is one of they present themselves above working for us and definitely the law means nothing to them except to destroy those who disagree and will not bow to them.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I think this might be worth a look

Hezbollah’s Narco-Terror Nexus in Latin America

Does this tie in with the Politico article regarding Obama and the Iran nuclear agreement?
Also, are the cartels being paid and used to potential terrorist across the border – is this confirmation ?
We’re going to wake up one day very soon and it will be too late. We have learn nothing and our elected officials have shown a total disregard for borders and our nation. This is not going to end well.
When we ignore our southern America’s, its a mistake but now the stakes are much higher with Iran’s proxy at our door..  read more

Monday, December 18, 2017

Throwing Good Money after Bad Doesn't Improve Government Schools

Foundation for Economic Education.

If giving teachers more money doesn’t work, is it possible that spending more money on facilities will help?
Whenever I discuss education policy with one of my leftist friends, it usually follows the same script. They’ll ask whether I want a good education for kids. I’ll say yes. They’ll then say we should devote more money to government schools.

I then show them this powerful chart and point out that we’ve been following their approach for 40-plus years and that it hasn’t worked. None of them has ever had an effective or coherent response .... read more

Sen Saunders - you are not a Democrat

Why doesn't Democratic Party tell Sen Saunders to start his own Socialist Party - he is not a Democrat. Why are citizen who register as Democrats having to pay for and have a non-Democrat as a candidate? And to be associated with his views and policies.

I know one state democratic party by-laws require a vote of state central committee and its bi-annual state convention to support a non-Democrat.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Campaign - not a campaign

This is introduction to what this means - hopefully I can get a couple of resources to make this a reality.  The campaign will be either for Congressional District or Governor.  It will be my home state of Nebraska.