Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Who benefits - definitely not private workers

This is the public sector unions of Illinois keeping their jobs, pensions, and healthcare at the expense of private sector workers who do not have this fantastic compensation package.  Plus with a basically guarantee to not lose their job.
Raise personal income tax rate 32% from 3% to near 5% and spending at close to $37B. No spending reduction to reduce the burden on Illinois non- public sector workers.  Remember, every private non state working person NOT receiving their job directly from the State or local government or through programs and agencies funded with be paying not only their 32% but those in the public sector.
Oh, by the way, what is your premium for health insurance going to be 2018?
That is what Democrats  have done here - protect their political base and funding mechanism and 'be damn with the rest of the people and businesses in the state'
But they keep getting elected  so maybe in years ahead it will be Cuba with no opposition.


  Foundation for Illinois citizens as the state's budget gap and unpaid bill piles soars

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